IP protection

- Registration of rights for trademarks in various countries of the world
- Protection of IP rights for software
- Protection of IP rights for website
- License agreements for software and other products, EULA
- Legal support of IP alienation transactions


Any company that develops software or provides other services in the field of IT or e-commerce must take care of the proper protection of intellectual property rights for the digital product which it develops and offers to users in advance. In case of failure to do so on time, in the future, it can become quite difficult to prove that the rights for the intellectual property belong to this particular company that developed it. In addition, in the absence of proper IP protection, you cannot exclude the occurrence of a legal dispute over intellectual property rights not only with competitors, but also between the developers themselves (project founders). 

In addition, do not forget that proper registration of rights for a digital product not only protects the rights of its developers, but also increases the attractiveness of the project before its potential investors.

It is also important to take into account that the same digital product (or a part of it) can be protected in different ways – for example, as an object of copyright and as a trademark. But in order to choose a substantial and proper way to maximize the protection of a digital product, it is important to involve a professional legal team.


We have significant experience in the protection of intellectual property rights of our clients, and we offer an integrated approach. In particular, we will not only be able to advise on how to protect the rights on your product in a certain jurisdiction, but will also select an appropriate method of protection. For example, if you need to register a trademark (logo), then, before submitting an application for registration, we will analyze the specifics of your business, select a list of goods and services for trademark registration specifically for your case, and also conduct a search among already registered marks both in Ukraine and abroad.

If you need to register a copyright for a computer program, SaaS or web platform, mobile app or other digital product, then we will prepare all the necessary documents for you and carry out registration as soon as possible, freeing up your time for the development of your business, but not for accompanying the work of the lawyers.

In addition, we are ready to provide legal support for a number of transactions in the field of IP, in particular, support of transactions on the transfer of rights to use trademarks under license agreements (trademark license agreements), support of transactions for the granting of rights to use works (copyright use agreements), prepare an end-user license agreement (EULA),or provide support and registration of transactions for the complete alienation of rights to an intellectual property object on the basis of an appropriate agreement (trademark & ​​copyright transfer agreements).

We provide support for clients’ activities not only at the national level, but also in different jurisdictions. Precisely because of this approach, as well as thanks to our foreign partners, we have the opportunity to professionally protect the intellectual property rights of our clients not only in Ukraine, but also in the USA, the European Union and other countries of the world.