Transactions Support

- Preparation of NDA
- Software development deals
- Public offers, terms and conditions, privacy policies
- Service and agency contracts
- Contracts for e-commerce marketplaces


The IT and digital technology markets are developing faster than one can imagine. Every hour a new app appears in the Appstore and Google PlayMarket, and software for business or for everyday needs is increasingly helping to save time and improve processes efficiency.

But along with the rhythmic and constant development of technologies, it is also important to remember about the proper legal registration of any relationship, both with the counterparties of your company and within the enterprise, ranging from ordinary NDAs with employees or contractors, to the proper preparation of service contracts to protect your interests in the possible dispute.

We had witnessed numerous situations when successful IT entrepreneurs had developed a really cool product, but during or after its launch, many questions arose on the proper legal arrangement of the obligations of counterparties or provisions on limitation of the client’s liability towards the counterparty. Unfortunately, they sought for legal assistance after this situation already took place.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings with counterparties and partners we advise you to consult with a lawyer at the beginning of the establishment of any relations, and afterwards in a proper manner and in the legal field to conclude the agreement, which will be drafted in such a way that it will protect your interests in any aspect of the implementation of the agreement in the future. Our experience allows us to ensure the proper execution of contracts, as well as the necessary legal support on all issues related to their implementation.


The list of deals that we have prepared and comprehensively supported over the past years for IT, digital and e-commerce is significant. In particular, these are software development agreements, service agreements & agency agreements, master service agreements (MSA), supply agreements & distribution agreements, cloud software agreements and agreements on the provision of access to the software as a service (SaaS agreements).

At the same time, in today’s digital world, there are almost no common templates, since everything changes quickly and requires customization. That is why a significant part of the transactions that we support are mostly prepared for the specific needs of the client.

Other examples of the most common e-commerce transactions, the conclusion of which we support on an ongoing basis, are the contracts for the development of websites and marketplaces, public offers and public agreements for websites and mobile apps, terms & conditions and privacy policies. These particular documents are governing the relationship between the owner of an Internet resource (for example, an online store or an online platform that provides streaming services, or services for accessing media content) and the corresponding user. Due attention to all aspects of your company’s activities in the public offer, terms & conditions and privacy policy is extremely important, because if a product or service is provided to a significant number of users, then the provision and receipt of the product or service, as well as the responsibility of the supplier and user, should be reflected in as much detail as possible, without generalizations, since otherwise there is a significant risk of misunderstandings regarding the quality of the goods or provided services or the terms of their payment.

There is a practice of using general (standard) terms & conditions and privacy policy, but their use cannot be considered safe, since such documents never take into account all aspects of your business. In our opinion, an exclusively individual approach to the preparation of the client’s documents indicates the provision of services at the highest professional level, taking into account the specific needs of the client and the protection of his interests.

We are experts in the preparation of service contracts for the IT industry and e-commerce,which are related to the provision of various types of services and works. An important advantage is also the fact that we have significant experience in supporting transactions of our clients with non-residents in various jurisdictions (EU countries, USA and other).

Since we have many years of practical understanding of all aspects of the digital business and the preparation of contracts, if necessary, we can provide the organization of co-working for your company, as well as proper legal support for contracts with private entrepreneurs in the field of IT.

If your company decided to move to a new spacious open-space office, then we will ensure the protection of your interests when establishing contractual relations with your lesser (for example, Regus, Creative States, Spaces) and will ensure the conclusion of a lease agreement for premises oran agreement for the acquisition of real estate.