We are flexible in our approach to working with our clients and the main goal for us is not only to focus on the results, but also on the needs of the client. That is why we offer different approaches in our work with different business cases. In particular:

Project Work

If your company needs comprehensive legal support in a certain business project, which includes various aspects of legal activity (from corporate structuring, choosing a jurisdiction, analyzing tax aspects, to the preparation of the entire complex of necessary legal documentation), we are exact legal company that you need.

While working on your project, we estimate in advance the scope of work, its cost and deadlines, further we closely cooperate with your project team. This gives you the opportunity not only to resolve the issue of attracting legal support for a specific project without attracting new employees or recruiters, to plan the corresponding costs in advance, but also to be sure that legal services will be provided at a high professional level and under your control.

Subscription Services

Subscription legal services for IT companies is the most appropriate option for those enterprises that do not have their own staff lawyer or in the event when there is no necessity to hire a separate employee for a full working day (for example, if requests for the provision of legal services do not arise on a daily basis). In this case the subscription service is the most optimal option both in terms of the cost of services and the quality of their provision.

We offer a wide range of legal services within the framework of subscription services for IT companies. Before offering you a specific package of subscription services we carefully study the specifics of your business, the average number of requests for the provision of services per month and their type (for example, consultations on the tax law issues or preparation of software development contracts). Advantages of the subscription services of our company are as follows:

Hourly Fee Payment

The hourly fee payment for the legal services of our company is usually used in complex cases or in a situation where it is difficult to estimate the cost of legal services for a project in advance due to its significant volume or duration in time.

At the same time, it is very important for us that monthly billing does not become an unpleasant surprise for our clients at the end of the month. That is why before taking on a specific assignment of our client we first study the tasks assigned to us in detail, after that we estimate the approximate number of hours of our company’s lawyers to be spent on provision of services for your project, and, accordingly, we estimate the approximate total cost of our services (the so-called hard-cap).