Gaming & Cybersport

- Documentation for the development of computer games
- Consulting for the gaming industry
- Support of virtual assets usage
- Sponsorship agreements for cybersport competitions
- Agreements with cybersport teams


Computer games and virtual assets that are used in such games became a part of the leisure of the modern generation and e-sport is generally recognized as the form of sports competition. Even a few years ago few people could have imagined that the virtual skins in computer games can have a significant value in hard currency and can be used as a real property asset: exchanged, sold, or even inherited.

At the same time, professional gamers are becoming representatives of the new cybersports industry, who are shaping trends for the new generations, and their competitions attract thousands of viewers in cybersport arenas and millions of views on YouTube and Twitch.

The functioning of the gaming & cybersport industry is hardly possible without full legal support. Indeed, where we are talking not only about millions of views, but also about millions of dollars of investment, the lack of legal support or the lack of proper protection of rights is equal to the loss of these funds.

In the field of modern digital technologies qualified IT lawyers can ensure proper protection of property and non-property rights of both gamers and cybersport organizations, provide comprehensive consulting support to developers of video games for their full launch and further distribution in different countries of the world, and also protect the rights of virtual assets owners.


We are experts in the field of legal support in the sphere of computer games development and their further distribution on digital platforms (for example, STEAM). We will also assist with the legal support of your game-dev project in communication and cooperation with the companies that provide tools for the development of computer games (for example, UNITY) or companies that develop sandboxes. Our practical experience helps us in the development and implementation of specific agreements in this particular area, such as agreements for the development and distribution of video games, agreements for the use of video game content and agreements for the use of virtual assets (skins).

While supporting cybersport organizations and cybersport teams, we provide a full range of legal services related to the use of team brands and attributes during cybersport competitions and broadcasts on the Internet, provide comprehensive consultations and ensure the preparation of contracts related to sponsorship issues, as well as agreements on cooperation between esports teams and cybersport associations (e.g. WESA).

We also accompany gamers and bloggers in their professional activities, ranging from the protection of their property rights and aspects of the use of their personal brands to the issues of income taxation in the respective jurisdictions.