Legal Protection

- Pre-trial settlement of disputes
- Services of IT attorney
- Protection in the judiciary and law enforcement bodies
- Counterparties check
- Protection during searches and inspections of businesses


One way or another any IT company or a company working in the field of e-commerce faces the need for legal protection of business in courts or law enforcement bodies. There are also frequent cases when business has to be protected from the law enforcement bodies or needs the recommendations in relations with counterparties (for example, in the event of a corporate conflict or the collection of a debt under a contract).

For this purpose it is very important for every company engaged in the digital sphere to have contacts of an IT lawyer – one will help to protect your business from surprises. In fact, IT lawyer will be able not only to provide promptly advice over the telephone, messenger or via e-mail on any controversial issues with counterparties or aspects related to business protection, but will also prepare any legal documentation necessary to protect your interests, as well as will come to the scene of the incident to resolve the relevant issues in the legal field.


Legal protection of IT business is one of the most important areas of our company, and it includes a significant list of services.

In particular, we are ready to represent the interests of your company in court in the event of a dispute with a government body or with your counterparties. This includes the issues of debt collection from counterparties, representing the interests of IT business during tax audits, appealing decisions of tax authorities (in particular, appealing tax notifications-decisions) in administrative courts, representing business interests when considering economic, corporate, civil or labor disputes in courts of general jurisdiction and economic courts.

A separate service that we offer to our clients is the attorney support of IT companies, including regulation of claims and pre-trial settlement of disputes (mediation), participation in investigative actions at the enterprise (in particular, during searches), protection of the client’s interests in criminal proceedings, preparation of the attorney inquiries and participation in negotiations with government agencies.

We also have significant experience in interacting with the law enforcement bodies in the field of combating cybercrime and economic crimes, which allows us to protect your interests comprehensively and most efficiently.