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IP protection

- Registration of rights for trademarks in various countries
- Protection of IP rights for software
- Protection of IP rights for website
- License agreements for software and other products, EULA
- Legal support of IP alienation transactions

Transactions Support

- Preparation of NDA
- Software development deals
- Public offers, terms and conditions, privacy policies
- Service and agency contracts
- Contracts for e-commerce marketplaces

Blockchain & Crypto

- Support of token sale projects
- Support of crypto-exchanges
- Support of fintech projects
- Preparation of whitepaper & policies
- Legal support of smart contracts

Gaming & Cybersport

- Documentation for the development of computer games
- Consulting for the gaming industry
- Support of virtual assets usage
- Sponsorship agreements for cybersport competitions
- Agreements with cybersport teams

Legal Protection

- Pre-trial settlement of disputes
- Services of IT attorney
- Protection in the judicial and law enforcement bodies
- Counterparties check
- Protection during searches and inspections of businesses

Startup Support

- Partnership & shareholders agreements for founders
- Registration of companies for startup projects
- Obtaining residence permits in Ukraine
- Support in attracting investments
- Subscription services for startups

Tax & Corporate

- Business structuring and strategic consulting
- Registration of companies in various jurisdictions
- Tax advice and support
- Support for controlled foreign companies (CFC)
- Preparation of corporate documents

Data Protection & Compliance

- Preparation of documents according to GDPR
- Advice on compliance requirements of the EU and the USA
- Support on compliance with AML and KYC requirements
- Accompanying on bank accounts opening