Tax & Corporate

- Business structuring and strategic consulting
- Registration of companies in various jurisdictions
- Tax advice and support
- Support for controlled foreign companies (CFC)
- Preparation of corporate documents


Aspects of business registration, its further activity, as well as issues of taxation of its activities are hardly possible to settle properly without the participation of lawyers.

The participation of a professional legal team in solving corporate and tax issues of the IT business is not just about registering an enterprise. This is about comprehensive legal support – both when starting a business and ensuring its activities in the future.


We offer a wide range of legal services in the field of corporate law for IT and digital business, in particular: structuring business assets of companies in various jurisdictions, legal support during strategic planning of business activities, preparation of statutory documents and agreements between business founders, support during changes in company founders composition due to business alienation, legal support when investors enter a project, legal support for the payment of dividends to business founders, legal support during a change in company management, comprehensive analysis of business relationships with its counterparties.

Our services in the field of tax law include the provision of comprehensive advice on taxation of businesses and their founders in various jurisdictions, analysis of tax residency issues for IT entrepreneurs, participation in tax audits of enterprises, court appeals against the results of tax audits of businesses, provision of advice on choosing a taxation system for IT and digital business, consulting on controlled foreign companies (CFC) and tax reporting issues, as well as providing advice on the substance matters for businesses in low-tax jurisdictions.