Startup Support

- Partnership & shareholders agreements for founders
- Registration of companies for startup projects
- Obtaining residence permits in Ukraine
- Support in attracting investments
- Subscription services for startups


Startup projects in the IT industry are technological innovations that are developing faster than one can imagine. Ten years ago it was almost impossible to imagine that, for example, AI projects or message bots would become not only an integral part of our everyday life, but also would significantly simplify the execution of tasks for business.

At the same time, each startup project is not only a front-end shell that we use as a final product. There are many aspects that require proper legal support “under the hood” of these projects, since they are still based on relations of people: between partners (founders) of the project, between the project team and the involved contractors, between the investors and founders, between the project team and the state bodies.

That is why the involvement of lawyers at the earliest stage of the implementation of a startup project is extremely important to ensure the legal regulation of the relationships between all the project participants. Common situation is when the founders of a successful IT project begin its implementation without reaching a written agreement between them on the specific functions, roles and tasks of each participant. In the end this leads to certain conflicts between the participants, and ultimately entails the collapse of the entire project. Do not forget that involving a lawyer from the very beginning of a startup project allows you to avoid such problems in relations between the partners in the future.

Another example of the mandatory participation of a lawyer in a startup project is the situation when a startup begins to reach the new level of development and attract third-party investors (for example, during a seed-round). In such a situation it is extremely important for the founders to understand all the conditions under which the investor will be involved in the project, the associated risks, and also have a proper understanding that they will not lose their shares in the company or their voting rights in the project.


We offer comprehensive legal support for start-up projects in the field of IT and digital spheres, both before the launch of the project, at the stage of its development and implementation, as well as during its further scaling and attracting investments.

At an early stage of start-up development we will ensure the preparation of partnership agreements between the project founders to protect your interests, carry out a comprehensive analysis of the local legislation to launch a project in the legal field, provide advice on the choice of jurisdiction and company registration, advise on the tax issues and legal aspects of doing business, support the process of opening bank accounts of a company and founders in various jurisdictions, support transactions with all project partners.

Besides, if the founders or investors of a startup project are foreigners, we will provide comprehensive legal support in obtaining a work permit in Ukraine and obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit.

For start-up projects that attract investments we provide comprehensive legal support in relations with investors: perform strategic planning and implementation of the agreement, provide advice on protecting the rights of founders, prepare purchase and sale agreements (SPA), agreements on the vesting of shares, prepare statutory documents of companies, prepare stock option agreements, prepare legal opinions on agreements with investors, advise on the rights of first refusal, tag-along & drag-along provisions, advise on the legal aspects of investor’s rights.